DTF Prints 22" x 24"

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Unleash The Potential Of DTF (Direct To Film)

  • Versatility: DTF works on any shirt material, providing greater flexibility.
  • Quality: Delivers soft hand print results, ensuring a high-quality finish.
  • Durability: DTF prints are incredibly durable, meaning they'll stand up to repeated wear and washings.
  • No Color Limitations: DTF allows for unlimited colors in a single print, perfect for complex or vibrant designs.
  • Detailed Design: The process can handle extremely fine detail, making it excellent for intricate artwork.
  • Low Minimums: Unlike other printing methods, DTF offers low minimum order quantities.
  • Availability: We not only provide DTF decoration, but also sell DTF transfers for your convenience.

File Formats


  • Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • .EPS
  • .SVG
  • .PNG (Transparent)

Heat Press Instruction:

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